January is named after the god “Janus” who was the god of beginnings and endings.  His head is often depicted with one face looking forward and one face looking backward.  The concept is a good one. Don’t we often approach a new year with wariness due to events or feelings from the past year?  And does that cloud our ability to create clear intentions for the new year? Of course, it does! People with 20/20 vision are said to have “normal vision” (meaning they are able to clearly see an object at a distance of 20 feet).   It does not mean that they have perfect vision. Much like when we create a “vision”, it need not be perfect. In fact, internal clarity has nothing to do with our eyesight. Are you clear about what you want for 2020?  If not, spend some quiet time creating or updating your life vision for this decade. Post it in a place you’ll see every day and let that serve as your “20/20 clarity for 2020”.

Now is a perfect time to look forward to what you want for the coming year, and how you’ll create that.  It’s also the perfect time to look back on what has passed, acknowledge what you’ve learned, what you’ll release, and what you’ll carry forward into the new decade. If you find that difficult, notice what internal chatter comes up when you think about your vision.  Does your mind create obstacles to hold you back? Here’s a process that will help you increase your clarity (and energy), by releasing old habits and thoughts that are no longer useful:

“Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions” by Jane Elizabeth Hart. 

  1.  GRATITUDE.  Always begin with gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned.
  2. GOOD TIMES.  Reflect on the benefits you received and the joys you experienced!
  3. HOPES AND DREAMS.  Note the hopes you generated on your path during the past year or the past decade.  What dreams did you create? What did you manifest?
  4. DISAPPOINTMENTS.  What disappointments did you endure along the way?  How did you navigate through those? What did you learn about yourself?  
  5. FORGIVENESS.  What or whom must you forgive in order to move on?  Remember, forgiveness is not for the benefit of the circumstance nor the other person.  It’s only for you.
  6. RELEASE.  What is holding you back?  Appreciate how it helped you at one time. Then release it, knowing that you no longer need it. 
  7. COMPLETION.  Have a symbolic ceremony to acknowledge your completion.  Perhaps you write down all you have released and burn that piece of paper.  Or perhaps you keep a photo of “good times” on your desk to remind you of what is possible.

Complete these steps for anything holding you in the past.  The future is yours to create. There is no resistance in the future.  It is your dominant focus + vibrational energy that create your future.  Your work then is to narrow your focus AND align your vibrational energy to absolute positive.

Do that for 30 days and enjoy 20/20 clarity for 2020!