When I was a kid, I loved every new school year.  I was excited to see my friends, meet my new teacher, and learn new things.  My energy and hopes were high!  Unfortunately, after about 2 weeks, I’d start resisting the daily routine and my energy for learning would tank.  The novelty of “newness” wore off and so did my motivation.  That reliance on external things to motivate me held me back in so many ways.  I managed to advance by trudging my way through the structure of school, but I could have enjoyed the journey and achieved so much more had I not relied on motivation.

Now I think of motivation simply as a spark that ignites desire.  It can awaken us to an overlooked interest or a deeply held desire, so it’s certainly worth noting.  It’s just not reliable as a strategy for fulfillment.  Daily action is the only vehicle that will actually lead you to fulfillment. The good news is that when you take small consistent actions that align with your highest desires, you’ll not only enjoy the journey, but you’ll exceed what you initially imagined!  I’m living proof and so are my clients.  By clearly identifying a high-level intention and then taking small consistent actions toward that, you’ll achieve results no matter where you begin. That’s the equation of deliberately creating your life.

Consider what you most want to BE, DO, or HAVE in your life.  Create a dominant intention that aligns with that desire.  Write it down and post it where you see it often. Then, take at least one daily action that supports your intention. In fact, start with the smallest thing you can think of!  Just do it daily, and DO NOT rely on motivation. Schedule consistent small actions instead and cultivate patience by reassuring yourself that you are closer to your desire every day.  Finally, begin looking for evidence of your intention coming true.  I promise you’ll find it!