If I gave you just one quart bottle of energy every day, how would you use it?  Would you gulp down the whole thing at once?  I doubt it.   And what if that bottle had tiny pinholes in it so your energy was just being squandered by leaking out! Wouldn’t you try to plug the leaks?   

Energy is our most precious resource, yet most of us act like we have an endless supply.  We spend our days unconsciously gulping or leaking energy, then wonder why we’re catching everyone else’s cold.   Is it any wonder why energy drinks are so popular right now?  People are looking for ways to feel energized, and with enough caffeine, we can feel that for awhile. It’s completely unsustainable of course, but it sure sells!

Step out of that pattern this season and practice restoring your own energy.  Recognize that you are actually comprised OF energy, and that your individual energy interacts with the energy surrounding you. Everything you experience daily is either crediting or debiting your ‘energy account’.  The food you eat, the books you read, the media you watch and listen to, and the people you interact with, all affect your energy. But the greatest determinant is your FOCUS.  

Start paying attention to the hints your physical self is sending you.  What thought choices truly energize you?  Which ones deplete you?  And even if you can’t immediately change a situation or the people you’re around, you can choose to focus differently.   And by taking control of your focus, you not only restore energy, you’ll begin to attract different responses from that which surrounds you.   

Identify the energetic drains on your system, and respond to them with self-love.  Learn to say “no”, “yes”, or “I need help”. Above all, FOCUS.  Begin each day by lining up your energy with a dominant intention.  And remember that scattered energy is weak and prone to getting sucked in by whatever surrounding energy is stronger.  Focused energy is extremely powerful.   Imagine the difference between a fluorescent light, which is diffuse, and a laser, which is highly concentrated light energy.  One provides light, but the laser has the power to cut through things and make changes!

If you’d like to make 2013 your best year yet, consider scheduling a “Clarity Day” with me soon.  Together, we’ll discover the true source of your energy and create the intention that will act as a beacon for attracting your best life.

Have a focused and energetic holiday season!  




“I have not felt such personal power for a long time. This Clarity Day process has truly set me free. Now I have an entirely new vision to live, and I know how I’m  going to create it! Thank you!
Colleen Castille,  President, GoGreen Strategies, Inc.