What If Weight Were No Longer An Issue?

Changing your body begins with changing your mind! Learn the diet-free way to keep weight off forever!


with the LEAVE THAT BEHIND Program


Linda Cobb reveals the 5 keys to permanent weight loss success.  Based on her book, Leave That Behind:  Diet –Free Weight Loss in 5 Simple Steps, this program shows you why traditional diets don’t work and shows you how to use your mind to construct a life free of weight as an issue!  In this course, Linda shares her own journey to overcome excess weight and walks you through the exact steps she used to lose and maintain a 40 lb. weight loss for decades. You’ll learn how to change your mindset, design your life around what you truly want, stay focused long enough to reach your goals, and stop sabotaging yourself…forever!  Don’t let your weight rule your life!  You deserve to Leave That Behind and start living a richly satisfying life!

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and heavy?  Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes?  Would you like to feel happy and free to enjoy all that life has to offer?  If you answered “yes” to those questions, I understand.  That was me years ago, and I set out on a quest to resolve my weight problem and get permanently past the whole issue.  I did just that, and I want to show you how you can too!  My book,  Leave That Behind: Diet-Free Weight Loss In 5 Simple Steps was written for that very reason.  And now, for the first time, I’ve created a course to walk you through the same steps I used.

Losing weight permanently means more than eating right and exercising until you reach a goal weight.  To get past the whole issue and permanently Leave That Behind, you must change how you think.

Our minds play the biggest role in any type of sustainable change, especially something as difficult as weight loss. Conventional weight loss programs focus on the weight.   Leave That Behind focuses on the whole YOU and helps you create a life where excess weight is no longer a factor. The emphasis is not on what you are trying to lose but what you are trying to create in its place.

Permanent weight loss only happens when you adjust your belief system. By changing your mindset and envisioning what you WANT, you’ll create your ideal life of health and fitness – freeing yourself from diets and worries about weight – FOREVER!  

Leave That Behind clients not only maintain lost weight, but also see their lives transform with this new  way of thinking. When the work of your mind is done, your habits and daily practices support your beliefs and you WILL see results in ways you never imagined!

Leave That Behind will clearly show you how to sustain weight loss in five easy steps:

  1. Set Your Intention…………..on what you want, not what you don’t want
  2. Expand Your Awareness….so you can reprogram your inner “robot“ and avoid triggers that have tripped you up in the past
  3. Practice Feeling Good…….and you won’t need to rely on food for comfort
  4. Plan Ahead…………………….so you don’t sabotage yourself by returning to old habits
  5. Co-Create Your Life…………and you’ll eliminate self-doubt and create a life that brings you joy

Here’s how the program works:

When you want to learn a new language you may go about it in a number of ways: you can learn the basics with a self-study at your own pace; or you could take a class or hire a tutor for more in-depth support and practice; or you could travel to that country and immerse yourself in the language and culture.

Learning to think differently about losing weight is learning a new “language” and practices for your life. Our program is structured to give you three options.  

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Here’s what participants have to say about Leave That Behind:

I’ve lost weight so many times only to gain it back. Going through Leave That Behind, changed everything for me and I am losing and maintaining the loss like I haven’t before. My whole way of thinking has changed and for the first time I am not worried about gaining the weight back.

Val H.

Marketing Director

So many weight loss programs talk about food.  I’ve left weight loss meetings hungry from thinking about it. This program has helped me have a more healthy relationship with food.  Before I was so focused on what I was putting in my mouth that it ruled my life.  Now I am creating a life I want and the food is secondary.

Marcia P.


These principles helped me with more than losing weight.  I applied them to my work and personal life and am having terrific results. I am truly leaving behind my old ways of thinking and being –  as a result am physically and emotionally lighter!

Tina S.


Now I know why I couldn’t sustain my weight loss with the eating plan I used in the past.  I’ve now lost 23 lbs. and I absolutely know I can keep it off permanently!  There was nothing wrong with the eating plan; it was simply missing the essential ingredients to make it permanent.

Gena T.