What if you had a proven process and customized roadmap to create superior results?

Invite performance and direct change to achieve superior results. Excel as a leader with a top executive coach.

Linda Cobb has a proven track record of helping leaders excel at communicating clearly, coaching for top performance, and achieving results. She knows that to be successful, leaders must understand themselves, other people and how results are created. They must also know that people tend to avoid conflict and make assumptions that can stall productivity. Most importantly, they become keenly aware of their role in inviting success.

It may surprise you to know that you may be inadvertently limiting or even derailing the results you want most! This groundbreaking program will eliminate those blind spots; expand your understanding of yourself, others, and how to invite the best from others. Once you know these skills, you’ll be able to correct root causes and quickly coach others to high performance!  


Topics include:

Overview: Steps to Success
The Cycle of Change and How It Impacts Teams
Understand the Mind and How to Influence
Eliminate Energy Drains
Improve Your Coaching Skills
Develop Team Trust Quickly

  • Utilize Assessments (Behavioral Styles/Motivators, etc.)
  • Understand Generational/Gender Differences

Install Key Practices

  • Formulas for Effective Communications
  • Formats for Efficient Meetings
  • Focus Tools to Stay Productive
  • Formula for Effective Agreements

Clarify Purpose and Deliverables

  • Organizationally, Departmentally, Individually

Create and Maintain Engagement:  You Manage Thoughts, Not People!

  • Co-Creating Results
  • Removing Resistance
  • Eliminating Silos

This program is for anyone who desires to excel at being a leader. As an executive coach, Linda Cobb has worked with top executives for over 20 years and has established a track record of successes.  Her proven process has helped clients advance in their leadership roles from supervisor to C-Suite. Review her “Client Results” page to learn how others have benefitted from her private and group coaching.

Complimentary Strategy Session

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