If New Year’s resolutions improved your life in the past, by all means make them. But if you’re like me (and lots of other folks), they energized you for about 2 weeks before you gave up on them.  I say ditch them forever and take a different approach! After all, what didn’t work last year, won’t magically work this year.

Truth is, it’s not your fault.  Most of us were taught to set goals with each new year and then take action to achieve them.  Easy peasy… unless, of course, you have beliefs that hold you back.  Even the most positive actions are no match for a mind that believes no change is possible.  If you want to make a significant change in your life this year, begin with changing how you think!  Why?  It’s the one thing that will create lasting change.  For example, I struggled with my weight for many years and resolved every one of those years to get thin.  And every year my self esteem got lower until eventually I got severely depressed.  That turned out to be a blessing. For someone like me (who has a low tolerance for feeling bad), I finally got so unhappy that I became willing to change …. not just my actions but my thinking.  And that changed everything.

Are you struggling to make a positive change in your life?  Do you believe that change is possible?  Remember that beliefs are simply the result of repeated thoughts. So, to construct a new belief means replacing old, limiting thoughts with new thoughts…. repeatedly!   Here’s the process:

1). Recognize what your limiting belief is, and also that YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

2)  Catch yourself whenever you are acting or thinking from the old belief.

3)  Substitute a new, rational and more meaningful thought for the outdated one. (Like: “I’ve achieved things in the past” or “I can change.”)

4)  “Act as if….”.  In other words, act as if you’ve already achieved your desire.

5)  Continue to behave in the rational new way, EVEN THOUGH IT FEELS PHONY.  Eventually, the new belief will become real and will guide your “natural” behavior.  Turns out FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT really works!

Originally, I tested these principles to prove them wrong. I practiced new thoughts and felt like a total imposter.  Then, my “faking it” began to improve my life! Now, years later, I’ve become that person I longed to be because my actions now align with my beliefs.  It IS possible!  In fact, you’ll surpass what you originally thought was possible!  Let 2019 be the year you ditched resolutions in favor of the true happiness of achievement!