May is the month for celebrating our mothers for their love, dedication and understanding. If you were lucky enough to have a mom who guided you and advised you – you know the profound impact her wisdom had or continues to have in your life.

As our lives become more complicated, we still need the wisdom and guidance of others. We readily rely on the expertise of accountants for tax advice, lawyers for legal counsel, personal trainers for fitness, and physicians for their medical guidance.

What about in life?

What’s your strategy when you want to change something in your life or career, achieve an important milestone, or overcome an obstacle? Do you seek help from an expert? Do you enlist the help of others who may be on a similar journey?

Successful people don’t “go it alone”. They seek out resources. Despite their own intelligence, they know they don’t have all the answers. They rely on trusted advisors to show them the shortest routes.

There are proven methods for success. Mom may have been able to whip up a treasured family meal without a cookbook, but she started with a recipe and followed that with lots of practice. Most of our struggles are trying to figure out the formula.

I invested in top coaches to learn the formula for success. Through my years as a coach, I’ve implemented and condensed it to guide hundreds of clients to their own successes. Just as Mom knew the basics that allowed her to improvise a recipe to fit the occasion, I know that the same success formula will work in any area of your life.

Let’s talk. Access this link now and let’s talk about what you’re working on. It’s always complimentary and a great reminder that you are not alone.


John“The value of Linda’s involvement in my learning has not just been impactful, but has been instrumental in achieving my goals both professionally and personally. She has taught me concepts and practical applications that I never would have learned or been exposed to on my own.”
John Botsko, Jr., FACHE
Owner | BrightStar Healthcare