In this world of seismic shifts, we can no longer predict what the future will bring and where our paths may lead.  To survive and thrive at this time in history, we must know how to design our own path and take charge of our life chapters, regardless of age or situation.  Today more than ever, we must know how to reinvent ourselves by tapping into our deepest self-knowledge and committing to a fresh vision of possible tomorrows.  The good news is that while life can be difficult, it’s not random.  Put simply:  your energy, coupled with the energy of others and our environment produce consequences.  As world citizens, we’ve witnessed those consequences more than once.  Unfortunately, we’ve often used blame to deflect responsibility.  If we now learn to take personal responsibility for our outcomes, we can build a hopeful tomorrow. Whether you choose to re-launch your life out of necessity or desire, here’s a process to ensure you’ll create positive outcomes:

The process:

  • Make a Commitment – Make a strong positive decision and commit to it totally. (Example: I’m committed to having a good life/happy family/successful career, etc.)
  • Expand Your Awareness – Take an inventory of your innate talents, learned skills, and deepest desires. Spend time each day thinking deeply about what energizes you, where it occurs, and whom you are with. Learning all you can about yourself, others, and the results you create with others will help you establish a clear direction. 
  • Create a Vision – Define the elements of your ideal life and envision them in sensory specific detail. Create a vision board. Seeing aspects of your vision every day, in completed form, will install them in your subconscious, and you’ll naturally begin moving toward them. Remember: You will never rise higher than the vision you hold for your life.  
  • Clear Space – Nature abhors a vacuum. When you clear the clutter from your life, something will take its place. If you don’t have a clear picture of what you want, you run the risk of simply filling your life with things you’ve already done…or acquiring more stuff you won’t value. To break the cycle, commit to something new. Release the past and any old festering blame, along with outdated expectations.  Allow yourself to feel grief; it’s cathartic. It will illuminate what has been of value to you. 
  • Let Go of the Past – For many people, the past is not completely in the past.  Perhaps the actual experiences were long ago and seemingly left behind. However, the energy of the experience can remain active in the form of regret, judgment, guilt, and resentment. Holding onto this energy has the same effect as holding onto old possessions. It blocks you from moving forward. Just as purging removes stuff that no longer serves you, forgiveness is choosing to release the energy you hold around the past because it no longer serves you.
  • Focus on Gratitude – Your thoughts naturally shape your life experience, just like your body naturally casts a shadow. Happiness is the natural result of loving thoughts and positive actions. That’s how happiness is constructed. No matter what is swirling around you right now, find things to feel grateful for. Sometimes you must look harder to find them, but they’re always there!
  • Cultivate Faith – Faith is a belief in things unseen. Beliefs are constructed through repeated thoughts, and so is faith. When you deliberately choose to be hopeful, you are cultivating faith, and you’ll begin to attract circumstances and events that support your hopeful vision. (And likewise, if you choose cynicism, you’ll attract more things to feel cynical about!) 

You have far more power than you may currently realize. Taking personal responsibility for your own life and happiness is crucial right now. Only then can we harness our collective energy to heal our world.


“Years ago, you recommended that I create a vision board. Wow; my life has been totally transformed! I’m a walking advertisement for your coaching! You have been an awesome influencer in my life, and I am so appreciative.”

Beth Narunsky
Healthcare Consultant
Beacon Healthcare Systems


May is here, and Florida weather is sublime!  I’m savoring spring, knowing that summer will arrive all too soon. My heart goes out to all who are facing monumental struggles, so I’ve joined a network to provide support. It’s what I can offer to be of service, but honestly, I’m savoring forced isolation. Uninterrupted downtime has provided space to complete projects, purge my office, and get reacquainted with my husband…and myself.

Last week, I found myself tearing up as I purged old work files and realized that I was grieving. Allowing myself to feel it all as I clear the clutter is helping me to release attachments to this work that has meant so much to me. And as I ponder re-emerging from our shared isolation, I can now clearly envision my next life chapter. How will you re-emerge?