Have you noticed that when you finally make a big decision or set a goal, your energy is really high?  Why wouldn’t it be?  You’re full of hope and you’ve imagined the outcome!  That can keep you going for weeks!  That’s when it’s not that hard to take those daily actions that are moving you forward.  Even behaviors that aren’t yet habits are executed dutifully as you begin to see the rewards. Truth is, it’s pretty easy to tackle even big projects when we’re hopeful and excited about them.  And often, that high energy and different action generates some tangible initial results. Easy peasy!

Of course, if you truly want to manifest something beyond initial results, you’ll need sustained energy and regular focused action…..over time. That takes a plan and support.  After all, once the exhilaration of launching a new goal or overcoming an obstacle subsides, daily actions can lose their luster. You might do your daily actions haphazardly, or scatter your energy with more comfortable (but less productive) activities. Or worse, you might get discouraged. It’s not that you’ve stopped wanting your intention.  You simply don’t sustain the high hope and energy you started with. And that, my friend, will prevent you from realizing your goal.  So, what can you do to ensure you reach your goal?

  • Cultivate patience. Remind yourself that you’re closer today than you were yesterday, even if you can’t see progress.
  • Learn to “stay”, even when your mind screams “leave!”
  • Include vividly imagining your success in your daily actions. Really feel what that’s like!
  • Orient your life around your daily action plan.
  • If you must miss a day of daily actions, forgive yourself immediately and begin again.
  • Never, never blame…..anything (especially yourself).
  • Never stop.
  • Above all…. access trusted help for support and accountability.

It’s been proven that having written goals and a simple plan that includes accountability is crucial to success.  I’ve shared my intention to CONTRIBUTE this year, and now I’m asking for your help to hold me accountable.  I want to know exactly what you need from me.  With this data, I’ll design programs to best serve your needs. That’s my commitment to you.  Will you help me?  Please access the link below to complete a very brief anonymous survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7M32NQL 

Thanks for being part of my accountability team!