Webster’s dictionary defines “metamorphosis” as: a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances.

We are currently at a crossroads between an old civilization breaking down and a new, more evolved civilization rising. Things look chaotic, but seen through the lens of a Dr.Bruce Lipton, we’re facing the equivalent of metamorphosis, a necessary stage in human evolution. “Humans have essentially hit the wall.  We can no longer live on Earth the way we have been living. Humankind will either evolve or face extinction. With all our divided families, communities, states, and countries, we have not only separated people from one another, but our way of life also encourages competition and fighting.  If cells started fighting each other in a cellular community, biologists would call that autoimmune disease – a state of self-destruction.” 

In his pioneering research on epigenetics (the science of how environment and consciousness control gene activity), Dr. Lipton highlights the concept that when our cells are living in harmony, we express health. Illness is a sign that our “cellular community is not living in harmony”. A community, by definition, is an organization of individuals committed to supporting a shared vision. The more cells – or individuals in a community – work together, the more powerful and healthy the whole system becomes.  Makes sense. So, why is that so difficult to achieve in our culture? 

Unlike our conscious mind, which can effortlessly change beliefs, our subconscious programming is embedded by age 7 and represents 95% of the thinking patterns that form our life circumstances. Re-programming it requires awareness and repeated effort. For example, practicing present tense affirmations (“I am healthy” vs. “I want to be healthy””) can shift our programming.  And once it is re-programmed, your subconscious mind actually has the power to affect not only the cells in your body, but the energy field you project out into the world, which in turn effects your circumstances. Fascinating! 

To successfully transition to our next stage of evolution, what if we all worked to rid ourselves of outdated subconscious programming, and nurtured the belief that a collaborative and cooperative world is possible?  It may seem impossible, but the resources are in place. The younger generation (those under 40) make up more than half the total population, and they are neither invested nor incorporated into the current system. If they decide to come together collectively, they could change civilization’s evolutionary path in one election cycle.

What can those of us who are over 40 do to support this global metamorphosis?  We can work hard to release our own dependencies on outdated systems, and model doing so without blame. And we can eradicate old biases by educating ourselves. (See  www.OConnorinstiture.org and others) Remember, caterpillars don’t resist outgrowing cocoons and becoming butterflies. Though metamorphosis can seem chaotic and frightening, it is a natural process and has a purpose. Should you find yourself wanting to stay in your cocoon, download this free guide to help you release outdated patterns and embrace a world that is forever changed.

Guide Me to Let Go and Release.



“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”  – Lena Horne



Welcome to July 2020! Normally, I’d be focused on our upcoming “Independence Day”, with all its celebrations and symbolism. Of course, this year is anything but normal. As our country nears its 250th anniversary, it is being tested like never before. We’re experiencing a global pandemic with no vaccine in sight, a long overdue reckoning on police brutality, white supremacy and systemic racism in all its forms, and a deep economic and unemployment crisis.

Bold actions are necessary if we are to evolve. And though my street protesting days are behind me, I can still learn, share resources, and lend support to those who are working hard for a better world.  The issues can seem insurmountable as they converge on us now, so I was reassured by a recent article by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author and renowned cell biologist, who offered a useful metaphor for these uncertain times. Metamorphosis.

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