Does March weather make you crazy, or itchy for a change? That makes sense if you’ve been cooped up and freezing all winter like lots of folks. You need something to get excited about and a reason to cut loose! I get that. Truth is, no matter where you live, change helps us thrive. It stimulates us and awakens our creativity! If you keep doing everything just like you did last year, how will your life progress?

If you really want to do something radical, identify what isn’t working for you, and ask yourself what you really want instead. Then get creative and make a plan to have it! Winter “always” get you down? Make a plan to change that! (Yes, there is a way even if you don’t move to Florida….it’s called an imagination.) Feeling trapped by your job? Still, struggling with what you want to be when you grow up? Blaming “crazy” weather might let you off the hook temporarily, but it will never help your personal life. If you want to enjoy your life more this year, it’s totally possible. If you’re willing to risk being
happy all year long, here’s a process that will get you there:


There is a theory that when you own things that you no longer value, they don’t value you either! Think of them as dead energy. When you release them to be valued by others, you release energy! Plus, you make room for things that you truly DO value. Go through your closets, office, storage areas, and garage and purge, purge, purge. If you haven’t accessed something in the past 18 months, it’s likely that it no longer fits with your current lifestyle. You’ll likely be amazed by how much you haven’t accessed. Release those things and you’ll create space for new things to flow into your life!


Remember how easy play was as a child? You could create stories instantly, objects out of anything, and step into fantasy characters at the drop of a hat! Above all, you created fun! How about now? What do you do for FUN? (The Oxford English Dictionary defines fun as “amusement, especially lively or playful.”). If you’ve forgotten, make a list of the things that amuse, entertain, or bring you joy. Make a list and begin trying new things! Here are a few resources to give you ideas:


Have you ever noticed that you enjoy things you’re good at? It makes sense, but too often we give up before we’ve had the chance to develop any skills. It’s like we have an inner critic saying, “what’s the use?” Ignore it. The truth is, even 10 minutes of daily practice at anything will improve your skills. I’m living proof. I avoided learning to play the organ for decades because I didn’t want to suffer through being a beginner. What a waste. Now I can play a song! Don’t worry about where you’re going. Just practice. You’ll soon learn that you can improve at anything.

Begin these practices now, and the thrill of enjoying your life will far surpass anything that March weather can throw at you!


“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

– Marie Kondo, Tidying Pro