It’s wonderful to have options. It’s also confusing. As I ponder “What’s Next?” for me, I’m struck by the sheer volume of ideas I’ve considered. Traveling (e-biking, hiking, etc.), teaching Zumba, immersing myself in music through playing the organ and singing in my local barbershop chorus, cultivating current/new relationships, renovating our home, surrounding myself with animals, re-purposing my written content, etc. The possibilities seem endless, and I can easily get overwhelmed and find myself in an endless loop of frustration. Luckily, there is a tool to help you move forward.
If you’re feeling stuck and would like to move past that frustration, complete the attached FOCUS WHEEL exercise. It will quickly help you access existing beliefs and leverage those to give you the confidence you need to re-gain hope, access your strengths, and get un-stuck! 
You could do nothing, and magic will make things turn out perfectly. APRIL FOOLS!


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Linda Cobb

Welcome to April. Springtime, flowers… and my birthday! This one is especially significant for me because 2021 marks my final year in business. Wow, I’ve never said that out loud! After all, I’m the one who said I love coaching and would never retire.

Truth is, I still love coaching and will always respond to those who seek my help. I’m simply done with running a business. I’m ready to spread my wings and pursue new possibilities. So, this year I’ll make a plan, so that by my next birthday, I’ll be excited about starting a new decade in my life.

Easy peasy, right?  Actually, I’m finding that it’s not so easy…

Linda Cobb









raving fan Jayne Hohulin

I’ve got some new tools in my toolkit, and we met my goal. Now, I’m actually excited about what’s next for me. Thank you for helping me through a very rough patch of my professional career.

Jayne Hohulin, PharmD, Vice President, Pharmacy Operations