Have you noticed that when you’re happy, your day goes well? Have you noticed that when you’re unhappy, things tend to get worse? What if you knew that there were laws of nature that were causing both of those outcomes? The good news is that we can all learn those laws and use them to help us create better lives for ourselves!

I learned the natural laws at a time in my life when I was very unhappy. First, I learned about a powerful concept called “attraction”, which states, “all things gravitate to like energy”. Got it. My unhappiness was attracting more unhappiness. Then I learned another concept called “polarity”, which states that all things have dual perspectives (i.e., positives AND negatives exist within all things). I was skeptical. After all, I was mired in misery at that point. Where was the positive in that? Still, I wanted relief, so I tested the concept….to prove it wrong. The negatives were glaringly obvious to me, but I forced myself to find a positive. The weird thing was, I always found at least one! I began to see a difference in my moods, so I kept practicing. Now it’s a habit, and I see the abundance it has created in my life as a result.

Find positive things to feel good about AND focus upon them with appreciation. Practice that consistently and see what happens in your life! After all, your focus and feelings create your life. When I lamented that I had no friends, I created more of that. I shifted to appreciating one friend, and more friends came into my life. The same thing happened with experiences. I appreciated small joyful moments and they led me to more experiences and more joy. I appreciated small successes in my business and that made routine success possible. Truth is, all things become possible when you make a conscious choice to find the positive in every situation (or person) and appreciate that positive. Install that as a regular practice and you’ll experience the true power of appreciation. That’s what I want for you!