Leave That Behind


Diet-Free Weight Loss in 5 Simple Steps



DIETING DOESN’T WORK! Most self-help books attempt to show you how to fix yourself or your life. This presumes that something about you needs fixing. What if all the answers you ever needed are already inside you, and all you need is a way to tap into the inner knowing that you already possess? This book flips the traditional model of dieting upside down and teaches new ways to release undesired weight once and for all.

In this book you will learn:

• How the Diet Industry Could be Sabotaging Your Progress

• Proven Success Principles and How to Use Them

• How Your Thinking Patterns Affect Your Results

• The Simple Practices That Will Create New Habits

• Why It Matters How You Regard Yourself and Others

“Your sub-conscious mind is programmed to look for whatever you lose. Make up your mind to Release that weight. Leave That Behind ‎presents an excellent plan for a beautiful new life. Get two and give one to your friend.” – Bob Proctor, Author and Featured Teacher from the movie, The Secret

“You can change your thinking and change your health through the simple, practical steps in Leave That Behind.” —Peter J. Weiss, MD, Senior Vice President, Florida Hospital

“Leave That Behind teaches that willpower means nothing unless you change your thinking. This knowledge will support you in staying healthy, inside and out, from this point forward.” —Jennifer Brady, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Health First

“Leave That Behind might be the best self-help book I’ve ever read. It’s concise, organized, and has lots of psychotherapy-based information.” —Melody Masi, Clinical Mental Health Counselor