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Ready, Aim, Excel! features 52 global leadership experts including Drs. Marshall Goldsmith, Cathy Greenberg, Relly Nadler, Ken Blanchard. (Also available in paperback on Amazon:

We all have leadership roles. You don’t have to have a title to be a leader. If friends come to you for answers, if a child holds your hand as you are grocery shopping, if a youngster is on the receiving end of a game of catch, if you are involved in an organizational activity and members ask what you think, if people look to you for direction, you are a leader.

We encourage you to explore Leadership in new ways.

—Discover the keys to positive, lasting change from Dr. Marshall Goldsmith,Global Leadership Expert and Best-Selling Author of Mojo.
—Experience the most Important Ingredient to excel and succeed, Happiness from Dr. Cathy Greenberg, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Leadership Guru.
—Increase your emotional intelligence and realize your vision with Dr. Relly Nadler, leading EI authority, Author, and Executive Coach.
—Learn how praising progress can dramatically enhance your effectiveness as a leader from Dr. Ken Blanchard, internationally respected authority on business management and one of the top twenty-five best-selling authors of all time.
—Discover how to instantly increase your confidence and crush your doubts from Bert Martinez, immigrant who retired at age 28, recognized thought leader in business development.

Let go of your fears, try something new, and step into a promising future, allowing these 52 leadership experts and stories to guide you along the way. Each conversation contained in these 352 pages is empowering, inspiring, and priceless, and you will find yourself in the pages of these interviews and in these accounts of occupational achievement and personal triumph.